competence collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɒmpɪtəns/

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the ability to do something well

Adjectives frequently used with competence
clinical, communicative, financial, intellectual, linguistic, managerial, organizational, professional, technicalThe team demonstrates a high level of professional competence.
Verbs frequently used with competence
develop competence: achieve, acquire, attain, develop, gain, maintainThe purpose of practice and training is to develop competence: demonstrate, prove, showThe training programmes allows candidates to demonstrate competence in all areas of ICT skills.measure competence: assess, define, evaluate, measureThere is no magic formula for assessing competence.
Nouns frequently used after competence in
area, domain, field, sphere, subjectDoctors must prove their continuing competence in all clinical areas.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with competence
ability, commitment, confidence, experience, expertise, knowledge, skill, understandingThis course will enable students to develop the knowledge, competence and confidence necessary to perform the tasks effectively.
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