competent collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɒmpɪtənt/

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able to do something well

Adverbs frequently used with competent
very: extremely, fully, highly, thoroughly, veryEmployers want to be sure that their staff are fully competent to deal with their work.

Usage note

If you say that someone is perfectly competent, you are usually implying that they are good enough but not outstanding: Every aspect of her work is perfectly competent but that’s not necessarily enough.

fairly: fairly, moderately, reasonably, sufficiently, suitablyA reasonably competent accountant should easily be able to do a specialized way: clinically, culturally, mentally, occupationally, professionally, technically, technologicallyAny technically competent web designer can set this up for you.

Verbs frequently used with competent
be: be, become, prove, seemToo many drivers on our roads do not seem competent enough.judge someone to be: consider someone, deem someone, judge someoneIn order to graduate, students must be deemed competent in a range of areas.
Nouns frequently used after competent in
area, discipline, field, matter, roleIt often takes years of hard work to become competent in a particular chosen field.
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