completion collocations and examples

 UK /kəmˈpliːʃ(ə)n/

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the process of finishing an activity or job, or the time when a process is finished

Adjectives frequently used with completion
successful: satisfactory, successfulCandidates receive a certificate on satisfactory completion of the course.early/late: early, fast, late, timelyWe offer online quotes, fast completion, and competitive rates.
Verbs frequently used with completion
plan completion for particular time: expect, plan, scheduleConstruction will start in April with completion scheduled for summer next year.when something is expected to be completed: be due forThe new school buildings are due for completion next year.come close to completion: approach, nearThe work is nearing completion.achieve completion: achieve, bring something to, reachOf these fifteen projects, eleven will reach completion in March next yearcelebrate completion: celebrate, markWe held a party to celebrate completion of the project.include completion as a necessary part: include, involve, requireA PhD requires the completion of an 80,000-word thesis.
Nouns frequently used after completion
date: date, day, deadline, timeThe project finished a month ahead of its completion deadline.document: certificate, report, statementA completion certificate is awarded to all students who attended the course.
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