comply collocations and examples

 UK /kəmˈplaɪ/

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obey a rule, law, or request

Adverbs frequently used with comply
in a willing way: happily, readily, voluntarily, willinglyMany people resist the commands, whilst others comply willingly.not in a willing way: reluctantlyThe owner of the dog reluctantly complied with the court order.immediately: immediately, promptlyIf member of staff asks you to be quiet, please comply a suitable way: adequately, duly, fully, properly, satisfactorilyWe fully comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act 1998.
Verbs + to frequently used before comply
fail, refuseYour employer has failed to comply with the safety regulations.
Nouns frequently used after comply with
rules: conditions, guidelines, law, legislation, protocol, regulations, rulesFailure to comply with the rules can result in a £5,000 fine.something that you have to do: demands, directive, instructions, obligation, order, request, requirementOur equipment complies with all safety requirements.standard: specifications, standardThese models do not comply with the revelant safety standard.idea or set of plans: policy, principleMembers are required to comply fully with the club’s policy.
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