comprehensive collocations and examples

 UK /ˌkɒmprɪˈhensɪv/

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including many details or aspects of something

Adverbs frequently used with comprehensive
very: extremely, veryThe index is extremely comprehensive.completely: fully, thoroughly, totally, trulyThis book is thoroughly comprehensive and a joy to read.fairly: fairly, pretty informal, quite, reasonably, sufficientlyYour notes should be accurate, well written and fairly a way that surprises and impresses: amazingly, extraordinarily, impressively, incredibly, remarkablyThe range of goods they supply is impressively comprehensive.
Nouns frequently used with comprehensive
description of the features of something: analysis, assessment, coverage, overview, review, surveyThe course offers extremely comprehensive coverage of the subject matter.collection of items or services: collection, package, portfolio, range, setWe offer a comprehensive range of flowering garden bulbs.list: archive, bibliography, database, directory, glossary, index, list, listingFollow this link for a comprehensive listing of all the local activities on, document etc telling you about a subject: guide, handbookThis is a comprehensive guide to soul, funk and hip-hop drumming.
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