compromise collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɒmprəmaɪz/

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risk harming or losing something important

Adverbs frequently used with compromise
deeply, fatally, seriously, severely, significantlyStandards have been seriously compromised by cuts in funding.

Usage note

Compromise is usually passive in these combinations.

Nouns frequently used as the object of compromise
safety: safety, security, welfareNow delete your password, as it may compromise system security.quality or effectiveness: effectiveness, performance, quality, standards, validityIs it possible to make savings without compromising performance?independence: independence, neutralityNo such partnership should be allowed to compromise the independence of the research process.reputation: reputationWe will not allow anybody to compromise the excellent reputation of our team’s fans.
Nouns frequently used after compromise on
quality: quality, standardsWe will never compromise on safetyYou can’t afford to compromise on safety when children are involved.

act against your beliefs or principles

Adverbs frequently used with compromise
ethically, morallyEven the good guys were morally compromised by their own need to survive.
Nouns frequently used as the object of compromise
beliefs: beliefs, ideals, principlesLaura realized that she could not compromise her principles.state of not supporting either side in a disagreement, war etc: impartiality, integrity, objectivity, standardsTo act in any other way would compromise your objectivity.
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