computer collocations and examples

 UK /kəmˈpjuːtə(r)/

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a machine that stores and processes information in electronic form

Adjectives frequently used with computer
powerful: fast, powerfulYou need a fast computer to enjoy this game.connected to the internet: connected, internet-connected, internet-enabled, wirelessEnsure that internet-connected computers are equipped with anti-virus software.designed to be used in the home or office: desktop, home, personalChildren with access to a home computer do better at school.with special features: multimedia, touch-screenTouch-screen computers enhance the visitor experience.small and portable: handheld, laptop, netbook, palmtop, portableIncreasingly the division between mobile devices and handheld computers is being blurred.
Verbs frequently used with computer
start a computer: boot up, log onto, reboot, restart, start up, switch on, switch onAt the end of the installation you have to restart your computer.stop using a computer: log off, shut down, switch offAlways be sure to shut down your computer properly at the end of the day.use a computer: access, operate, run, useChildren can touch the screen to operate the computer.

Usage note

When someone is using a computer, you can say that they are doing something on a/the computer: For most of the lesson the children were working on the computer.

connect computers: connect, link, networkAll students are provided with a networked personal computer.prepare a computer: configure, programWe supply, install, and configure computers.infect/protect a computer: infect, protectThis virus could infect your computer and cause it to a more modern computer: upgradeI can’t afford to upgrade my computer.

Verbs that frequently follow computer
work: process, run, workI have a new hard drive and my computer is running really well now.stop working: be down, crash, freeze, go downPlease could you call back later? All our computers are down.
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