conceivable collocations and examples

 UK /kənˈsiːvəb(ə)l/

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possible, or possible to imagine

Adverbs frequently used with conceivable
almost not: barely, hardly, just, scarcelyIt seems scarcely conceivable that they behaved so badly.completely: certainly, easily, entirely, perfectly, quiteIt’s quite conceivable that a profitable business can be operated successfully by one person.
Nouns frequently used with conceivable
aspect: angle, aspectWe explore the subject from every conceivable angle.situation: circumstance, eventuality, occasion, scenario, situationRemember: you don’t need insurance for every conceivable eventuality.type: genre, kind, typeThe market is crammed with stalls selling every conceivable type of fish.subject: subject, topicThere are blogs covering every conceivable subject, from pets to politics.

Usage note

Conceivable is almost always preceded by every in all of the ADJ+n combinations shown above.

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