concern collocations and examples

 UK /kənˈsɜː(r)n/

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a feeling of worry

Adjectives frequently used with concern
great: considerable, deep, grave, great, seriousThis is a development that causes grave concern in the Pentagon.especially great: paramount, particular, specialHowever, at the year end there remained two areas of particular concern.real: genuine, legitimate, realThere were grounds for legitimate concern .felt by many people: common, general, public, widespreadThere has been widespread concern about the proposals.growing, increasing, mountingHowever, growing concern focuses on India and China, which currently have 4 million and 1.5 million cases respectively.
Verbs frequently used with concern
express concern: articulate, express, voiceThey expressed some concern about the rate of progress being made.
Verbs frequently used with concern
cause concern: arouse, cause, give rise to, heighten, increaseGangs of youths roaming the streets were causing some concern.

something that worries you

Adjectives frequently used with concern
serious: deep, grave, seriousWe have serious concerns over a number of issues.main: main, major, overriding, paramount, particular, primary, primeThe government’s main concern is the fact that the current situation is damaging its relations with Spain.real: genuine, legitimate, realThe US government doubtless had genuine concerns about weapons of mass destruction.needing to be dealt with immediately: immediate, pressing, urgentThis assumption raises two immediate concerns in my mind, one very obvious the other perhaps not.As well as the problem of understanding sites in the West Midlands that appear to belong to well-known, nationally- or internationally-recognised monument classes, there is a more pressing concern.about a particular thing: environmental, ethical, humanitarianShe believed there were serious environmental concerns.
Nouns frequently used before concern
crime, health, privacy, safety, securitySpain’s oldest nuclear power station was finally closed yesterday following serious safety concerns at the plant.
Verbs frequently used with concern
express a concern: air, articulate, echo, express, highlight, outline, raise, reiterate, voiceThe purpose of the meetings is to give local people an opportunity to voice their concerns.make a concern seem less serious: allay, alleviate, assuageThere are social, political and economic issues which need to be addressed to allay concerns about inequality.

something you think important

Adjectives frequently used with concern
main, major, overriding, paramount, primary, primeRemember they are businesses and their main concern is to make money.
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