concert collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɒnsə(r)t/

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an event with musical performances for an audience

Adjectives frequently used with concert
carol, chamber, chamber music, choral, classical, jazz, orchestral, pop, rock, symphonyThis will be the first rock concert to be held at the new stadium.
Verbs frequently used with concert
go to a concert: attend, go toI try to attend concerts as often as I a performer at a concert: conduct, give, headline, perform, perform at, play, play atThe choir performs about 13 concerts a year.organize a concert: arrange, have, hold, organize, present, promote, put on, sponsor, stageThe concert was staged in a theatre in downtown Los Angeles.say that a concert will not take place: cancelThe Rolling Stones were forced to cancel a concert in Spain last night.
Nouns frequently used after concert
goer, hall, performance, platform, programme, promoter, ticket, tour, venueHe was a frequent concert goer.
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