conclusion collocations and examples

 UK /kənˈkluːʒ(ə)n/

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something you decide is true

Adjectives frequently used with conclusion
correct: correct, logical, obvious, right, validWe are delighted that the jury came to the right conclusion.incorrect: erroneous, false, hasty, incorrect, wrongThe report is flawed, its analysis weak, its conclusions wrong.

Usage note

If someone reaches the wrong conclusion by not thinking carefully enough, you can say they are jumping to conclusions: We must be careful not to jump to conclusions.

definite: clear, definite, firm, inescapable, obvious, robustCaution is necessary in drawing definite conclusions from this data.not definite: possible, preliminary, provisional, tentativeLet us see what provisional conclusions can be drawn at this point in the argument.describing your opinion of a conclusion: interesting, significant, startling, surprising, unexpectedHis review of the evidence leads him to quite startling conclusions that will change the character of the current debate.

Verbs frequently used with conclusion
reach a conclusion: arrive at, come to, derive, draw, reachIn the end we came to the conclusion that it would be quicker to go by train.Traditional philosophy derives conclusions about the purpose of life from reflections on the nature of the world.

Usage note

When you are explaining your conclusions, you can also say in conclusion or to conclude: To conclude, further work is required if we are to come to a fuller understanding of the importance of this unique site.

when facts support a conclusion: confirm, justify, lend support to, reinforce, substantiate, supportThe new data lends support to the conclusions obtained from anaylsis of the Uniform Crime Reports.

Usage note

You can also say that someone’s conclusion is based on particular facts: This conclusion was based on data collected from more than 1,500 monitoring sites around the world.


the ending of something

Adjectives frequently used with conclusion
satisfactory, satisfying, successfulI regard this as a satisfactory conclusion to the whole investigation.
Verbs frequently used with conclusion
build to, draw to, near, reachThe peace negotiations appear to be nearing a conclusion.

Usage note

You can also say that something leads to or results in a conclusion, or that it brings something to a conclusion: He eventually agreed to meet the railway unions, resulting in a successful conclusion to the dispute.This victory brings to a conclusion a memorable season for the Lions.

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