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 UK /kənˈdɪʃ(ə)n/

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the physical state of something

Adjectives frequently used with condition
bad: appalling, bad, deplorable, poor, terrible, unsafeThe trucks were in poor condition and prone to breakdown.good: excellent, good, immaculate, mint, perfect, pristine, tip-top informalThe grounds and building are in immaculate condition.

the physical state of someone

Adjectives frequently used with condition
serious: critical, seriousThe project is designed to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other serious conditions.not changing: stable, unchangedThe news from the hospital was that her condition was stable.physical: physicalHe wanted to get back to scientific work but his physical condition would not allow it.medical: medicalHis medical condition was deteriorating.
Verbs that frequently follow condition
get worse: deteriorate, get worse, worsenIn the middle of January Sarah’s condition worsened.get better: get better, improveShe visited Albert in hospital and his condition had improved, which made her happy.

the situation or environment in which something happens [always plural]

Adjectives frequently used with condition
good: excellent, favourable, good, ideal, optimal, optimum, perfectHe at last found himself working under ideal conditions.bad: appalling, atrocious, bad, deplorable, difficult, poor, terrible, unfavourableHe describes the often appalling conditions on emigrants’ ships.dirty: insanitary, squalid, unhygienic, unsanitaryTens of thousands of people lived there in insanitary conditions.
Nouns frequently used before condition
housing, living, workingLiving conditions were atrocious.

the weather [always plural]

Adjectives frequently used with condition
good: excellent, favourable, good, idealGenerally conditions were pretty good for the time of year.bad: adverse, appalling, atrocious, extreme, harsh, poor, terrible, unfavourableI didn’t think any boat would have risked coming out to us in such atrocious conditions.types of conditions: blustery, damp, dry, freezing, humid, icy, overcast, wet, windy, wintryThe conditions were quite windy, which made running at an even pace quite difficult.relating to the weather: atmospheric, climatic, meteorological, weatherThe weather conditions were terrible.

something needed before another thing can happen

Verbs frequently used with condition
state that a condition must be accepted: attach, impose, lay down, set, set out, specifyIn granting permission we may impose certain conditions on such things as who does the work and how it is what is need by a condition: fulfil, meet, satisfyIf you satisfy the above conditions, you may be eligible for assistance.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with condition
termsThis should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions.

an illness or health problem that lasts a long time

Adjectives frequently used with condition
chronic, debilitating, degenerative, incurable, life-threatening, medical, neurological, pre-existing, rare, serious, treatableAlways seek the advice of your doctor for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
Nouns frequently used before condition
eye, heart, lung, scalp, skinHe suffered from a heart condition.
Verbs frequently used with condition
be born with, develop, have, inherit, suffer fromThere are probably another million people who have the condition without realising it.
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