confident collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɒnfɪd(ə)nt/

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believing in your own abilities and not nervous or frightened

Adverbs frequently used with confident
fairly: fairly, pretty informal, quite, reasonablyI’m a fairly confident person but I was nervous before the speeches.very: extremely, really, supremely, veryHe looked supremely confident as he strode a way that is not obvious to other people: quietlyAl is a quietly confident 11-year-old.
Nouns frequently used with confident
mood: feeling, moodThe team will start the season in confident mood on Sunday against Liverpool.voice: tone, voicebehaviour: manner, performance, stride, swaggerThe successful applicant will need to possess a confident telephone manner.expression: expression, smileShe said this with a confident smile.statement: assertion, predictionAll the jury heard was Dr Moore’s confident assertion that the forensic evidence virtually proved Andrew guilty.person performing a particular activity: communicator, learner, reader, rider, skier, swimmerAll children taking part must be confident swimmers.
Verbs frequently used with confident
appear, become, feel, get, grow, look, remain, seem, soundBy 1927 he felt confident enough to expel Trotsky from the Communist Party.

certain that something will happen

Adverbs frequently used with confident
very: absolutely, completely, entirely, extremely, fully, supremely, totally, veryBut club officials said that they were fully confident that the scheme would go ahead.fairly: fairly, pretty informal, quite, reasonablyI feel reasonably confident that the new building will be ready within the next a way that is not obvious to other people: quietlyI’m quietly confident that things will get better.
Nouns frequently used after confident of
future, growth, outcome, progress, prospects, result, success, victoryHaving beaten United already this season they were confident of victory.
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