connection collocations and examples

 UK /kəˈnekʃ(ə)n/

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a relationship between things, events, or people

Adjectives frequently used with connection
strong or clear: close, deep, direct, intimate, obvious, strongThe Society has always had a close connection with the Library, and the meetings are still held there.not strong: tenuousThere seems to be only a tenuous connection between the music used and the influence of the commercial.types of connection: causal, emotional, historical, literary, local, logical, personalShe has a deep emotional connection with the land and culture of Spain.
Verbs frequently used with connection
have a connection: have, maintainWe have no connection with the hotels and restaurants we review.make or recognize a connection: establish, explore, find, forge, make, seeA real connection was forged between the band and its fans.No one seems to make the connection between the two longer have a connection: lose, severAlthough Mr Gill will be leaving the company, he will not be severing his connections with us completely.

people you know who may be useful [usually plural]

Nouns frequently used before connection
business, family, personal, political, professionalHe was brought up in the village of Gardenstown, with strong family connections within the fishing industry.
Verbs frequently used with connection
have, useShe used her connections to help him get a job in the advertising industry.
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