consensus collocations and examples

 UK /kənˈsensəs/

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agreement among all the people involved

Adjectives frequently used with consensus
general or strong: broad, clear, common, general, overwhelming, strong, widespreadThe general consensus among Egyptologists is that the pyramids were tombs.growing: emerging, growingThose who deny that climate change is dangerous have chosen to ignore the growing consensus among scientists.among different groups or countries: cross-party, global, international, nationalA broad global consensus has emerged within the grassroots forest conservation community that industrial logging of endangered forests is no longer acceptable.types of consensus: political, scholarly, scientific, socialThere is a need for as much political consensus as possible on the framework for the pension system.

Usage note

You can also talk about a consensus of opinion: The consensus of opinion was that the idea was viable, provided a suitable site could be found.

Verbs frequently used with consensus
get or develop consensus: achieve, arrive at, build, come to, develop, establish, find, forge, get, reachNegotiations to finalize the agenda of the summit failed to reach consensus on many major initiatives.try to get consensus: call for, seekChancellor Merkel announced that she would seek a broad consensus on how to that a consensus exists: reflectThe University’s policy on authorship reflects the scientific consensus on who should be the authors of a paper and what their rights and duties are.end or damage consensus: break, undermineThey were in danger of breaking the strong political consensus that had been developed over the years.
Verbs that frequently follow consensus
emerge, existA growing consensus has emerged regarding the most appropriate forms that ICT education should currently take in early childhood.
Nouns + of frequently used before consensus
degree, lackThere is diverse opinion and a lack of consensus about how to manage the disease.
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