conservative collocations and examples

 UK /kənˈsɜː(r)vətɪv/

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not accepting much change, or traditional in your attitudes

Adverbs frequently used with conservative
very: deeply, extremely, highly, veryItalians are for the most part deeply conservative in their approach to bio-ethical issues.rather: essentially, fairly, quite, rather, relativelyGovernments and bureaucracy have a rather conservative attitude towards the role of mass a basic feature: inherentlyThese systems are inherently conservative and the pace of change is a particular way: politically, sociallyShe never lost her belief in the staid, socially conservative society of the 1950s, with its traditional family values.
Nouns frequently used with conservative
approach, attitude, outlook, values, viewHer marriage to a man of conservative views does not seem to have been a happy one.
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