consider collocations and examples

 UK /kənˈsɪdə(r)/

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think or talk about something carefully, usually before making a decision

Adverbs frequently used with consider
carefully or thoroughly: carefully, fully, in detail, properly, seriouslyUntil last week I would never have given a second thought to the idea, but I am now seriously considering it.not taking much time: brieflyLet us, then, in conclusion briefly consider the nature of that power.not all together: individually, separatelyEach application will be considered individually on its merits.with the aim of making something happen: activelyThey are actively considering a change to the law.
Nouns frequently used as the object of consider
question or situation: case, issue, matter, problem, question, situationWe need to consider the cases in which the usual conditions do not apply.The committee agreed to consider the issues raised in the report.facts: evidence, factsLet us now consider the evidence that is relevant to our theory.request or suggestion: application, proposal, proposition, recommendation, requestWe shall consider your application and respond in seven days.effect: effect, impact, implicationsDevelopers should consider the long-term effects of these proposals before proceeding further.choice: alternative, option, possibilityIf you have credit cards with interest rates above 10 percent, you should consider the possibility of switching the debt to a cheaper loan.aspect: aspect, factorConsider all these factors carefully, before you come to a question: caseThe university court meets to consider the cases of students who have appealed against their exam results.
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