consistent collocations and examples

 UK /kənˈsɪstənt/

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not changing in behaviour, attitudes, or qualities

Adverbs frequently used with consistent
very: remarkably, veryTo win 13 out of 16 matches – only losing one – was a remarkably consistent performance throughout the season.rather: fairly, quite, reasonably, relativelyPrice rises across the industry were all fairly consistent this year.
Nouns frequently used with consistent
approach, level, manner, message, performance, policy, quality, standardA systematic and consistent approach to the issue is important, argue the authors.

containing statements or ideas that are similar

Adverbs frequently used with consistent
completely or mainly: broadly, entirely, fully, perfectly, remarkably, whollyThese results are entirely consistent with other polling data.connected together in a sensible way: internally, logicallyAt least the film’s plot is internally consistent.
Nouns frequently used with consistent
findings, pattern, resultThe authors also compared their results with laboratory studies on how drugs worked and state that their findings are consistent.
Nouns frequently used after consistent with
aim, data, evidence, findings, hypothesis, objective, policy, principle, requirement, viewWe are concerned that these proposals are not consistent with the stated aim to achieve a ‘clearer focus’ on regulation.
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