conspiracy collocations and examples

 UK /kənˈspɪrəsi/

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a secret plan to do something bad

Adjectives frequently used with conspiracy
large: grand, great, vastThey come to believe that there is a vast conspiracy designed to prevent them learning the truth about UFOs.involving several countries: global, internationalDavos, high up in the Swiss Alps, is not the centre of a global capitalist conspiracy to divide up the world.claimed but not proved: allegedThe other charges relate to an alleged conspiracy to kill the leader of another church.types of conspiracy: criminal, military, politicalShould computer files be private even if they are being used as part of a criminal conspiracy?
Verbs frequently used with conspiracy
discover a conspiracy: discover, expose, uncoverA political journalist uncovers a conspiracy involving the incumbent prime involved in a conspiracy: be involved in, be part ofThere is no way that all these people could be involved in a massive cover-up conspiracy.organize a conspiracy: hatch, organizeMilitary and political conspiracies were constantly being hatched by the army generals and civilian dissidents.
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