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 UK /ˌkɒnstɪˈtjuːʃ(ə)n/

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a set of laws, rules, or principles for a country or organization

Adjectives frequently used with constitution
written/unwritten: unwritten, writtenBecause Britain has an unwritten constitution, the relationship between central and local government is left to general understandings and customs.not in final form: draft, proposedThe Society’s draft constitution also proposed that any person under 30 years should be able to join.
Verbs frequently used with constitution
write or change a constitution: amend, change, draft, draw up, writeIn 1955 Congress amended the constitution to allow his re-election for yet another presidential term.have a constitution: haveGroups must have a constitution, but do not need to be recognized charities.formally accept a constitution: adopt, approve, ratifyFive state conventions voted to approve the Constitution.not accept a constitution: rejectRecent polls suggested that the population would reject the constitution in a recorded in a constitution: be enshrined inThe separation of church and state is enshrined in the US constitution.
Nouns + to frequently used before constitution
amendment, changeAmendments to the constitution shall be passed by a 60 per cent majority of the votes cast.

your general physical condition, health, and strength

Adjectives frequently used with constitution
delicate, robust, strong, weakThose with more delicate constitutions retired to bed.
Verbs frequently used with constitution
be of, haveFortunately she was of a stronger constitution than me.
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