consultation collocations and examples

 UK /ˌkɒns(ə)lˈteɪʃ(ə)n/

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discussions that ask for people’s opinions

Adjectives frequently used with consultation
involving many people: extensive, public, wide, wide-ranging, widespreadThere has been extensive consultation with the public on the proposed legislation.formal/informal: formal, informalAn informal consultation started in November to take forward the second phase of that programme.thorough: close, full, in-depth, properPriorities are arrived at after close consultation with business and representative bodies.done at the beginning: early, initial, preliminary, priorDesigns are prepared after initial consultation with residents.done later: further, ongoing, regularOfficial policy is decided by the Chairman after a period of ongoing consultation at the annual conference.
Verbs frequently used with consultation
organize a consultation: begin, carry out, conduct, hold, launch, undertakeThe government has launched a consultation on proposals to give NHS staff more flexible pensions.
Nouns frequently used after consultation
document: document, paper, questionnaireWe support the ongoing debate on the important issues raised in the consultation paper.process or event: event, exercise, meeting, period, phase, procedure, processThe project has already been through an exhaustive consultation process.

a meeting with someone who gives advice

Adjectives frequently used with consultation
personal or private: face-to-face, one-to-oneExpert advice is delivered through a series of one-to-one freeFor a free consultation and price quote call us on the number below.first: initialThe initial consultation with one of our advisers is free of charge.
Verbs frequently used with consultation
arrange, bookThe hospital will then get in touch to arrange a consultation with a relevant specialist if more detailed discussion is needed.
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