consumer collocations and examples

 UK /kənˈsjuːmə(r)/

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someone who buys goods and services

Adjectives frequently used with consumer
clever: discerning, informed, savvy informalSavvy consumers are always on the lookout for ways to save affluent, low-income, vulnerableThe NCC’s policy work is focused on the interests of low-income consumers.with strong principles: ethicalEthical consumers want to have this information.
Verbs frequently used with consumer
give consumers good information: educate, inform, reassure, warnAn easily recognisable symbol, it reassures consumers that the food they buy has been produced to exacting standards.give consumers bad information: confuse, misleadThe wording should be altered to avoid confusing consumers: benefit, empower, help, protectWhat legislation exists to protect consumers?sell products to particular consumers: reach, targetBoth companies deny targeting young consumers directly.
Nouns frequently used after consumer
goods: durables, electronics, goods, productsCompetition will drive down the price of consumer goods.actions or attitudes: attitudes, awareness, behaviour, boycott, complaint, confidence, demand, expectations, satisfaction, spendingThis increase in consumer spending is prompted by job gains and wage increases.something that helps or informs consumers: magazine, protection, watchdogThe report was produced by the country’s consumer credit, debtConsumer debt is rising and more people are late paying their bills.range of goods and services: choiceThe supermarkets promise us greater consumer choice, but their policies mean that we actually have less choice.
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