contact collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɒntækt/

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communication between people or groups

Adjectives frequently used with contact
close: close, direct, face-to-face, intimate, personalThere is direct and personal contact between the teachers and students.regular: constant, frequent, regularHe is in regular contact with staff at the Foundation.
Nouns frequently used before contact
email, telephoneEmail contact is also possible.
Verbs frequently used with contact
have contact: establish, get in, have, initiate, keep in, maintain, make, re-establish, remain in, renew, resume, stay inLarge classes means that it is more difficult for the staff to maintain contact with the students.

Usage note

The place where someone can make contact, or the person they can contact, can be called the point of contact: The first point of contact for new students should be the international students’ centre.

not have contact: avoid, lose, severIn the intervening years they have lost contact with their former school friends.make someone have contact: bring someone into, put someone inI’ll put you in contact with a friend of mine.

Nouns frequently used after contact
address, detailsGet in touch with us. Contact details are included below.

the fact that people or things touch

Adjectives frequently used with contact
close, intimate, physical, prolonged, sexualDiphtheria is also spread by droplet infection through close personal contact.

Usage note

If something happens when one thing touches another, you can say that it happens on contact with the other: The cleansing concentrate liquifies on contact with your skin to gently dissolve makeup and dirt.

Verbs frequently used with contact
not have contact: avoid, preventGreat care is required to avoid contact with unprotected human skin.have contact: come into, makeDon’t allow the two substances to come into contact.

someone you know who may be useful

Verbs frequently used with contact
build up, establish, have, makeThe conference has been an invaluable experience and a great chance to see familiar faces and make new contacts.
Nouns + of frequently used before contact
database, list, networkWe can draw on our extensive network of contacts within the business community.
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