content collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɒntent/

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the things that a book, programme, or website contains

Adjectives frequently used with content
digital, editorial, factual, graphical, online, textual, videoTo play video content you will need RealPlayer.
Nouns frequently used before content
curriculum, multimedia, page, syllabus, webMultimedia content will be added as authors begin to supply it with their articles.
Verbs frequently used with content
see or read content: access, viewThis allows your readers to view your latest content from the comfort of their desktop.create or show content: create, deliver, displayWe use cookies to deliver content that is specific to your interests.change content: customize, edit, modify, personalize, tailor, updateWe tailor online content to meet your needs.not look at content: skipSkip the content and go to the main contact details.
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