contest collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɒntest/

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a situation or activity in which people compete

Adjectives frequently used with contest
with no clear leader: close, even, openThe contest was still wide open.with one clear leader: one-sided, unequalThe Bulldogs failed to cope with the speed of the Bears’ attack in what turned into a one-sided contest.types of contest: athletic, electoral, presidentialThe issue of security is likely to play a big role in this year’s presidential contest.exciting: exciting, thrillingThe game promises to be a thrilling contest between the two league leaders.
Nouns frequently used before contest
beauty, leadership, popularity, sporting, talentGood management is not a popularity contest.
Verbs frequently used with contest
be involved in a contest: compete in, engage in, enter, participate in, take part inI have participated in five contests since I won the parliamentary seat in a contest: lose, winShe’s been winning talent contests since the age of eight.organize a contest: hold, organize, runThe problems are the fault of the people who run the contest.
Nouns frequently used after contest for
control, leadership, place, position, powerThree years later, however, she was defeated by Alex Salmond in a contest for the leadership of the entire party.
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