contract collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɒntrækt/

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a written legal agreement

Adjectives frequently used with contract
binding, honorary, lucrative, permanent, short-term, temporary, writtenYou are advised to take professional advice before entering into any binding contracts.
Nouns frequently used before contract
construction, employment, maintenanceEmployment contracts, handbooks and policies will need to ensure they reflect changes in the law.
Verbs frequently used with contract
try to get a contract: apply for, bid for, compete for, tender forWe sent these specifications out to firms bidding for the construction contract.get a contract: secure, winThe Group has won the contract for a data capture system to support its machines on the London Underground.discuss or prepare a contract: draft, negotiate, renegotiateHe even includes guidance on negotiating a contract if you have the good luck to have a proposal accepted.give someone a contract to do work: awardThey’re awarding the construction contract to a French company.sign a contract: conclude, enter into, signWe offer a full service that includes concluding the contract and completing the conveyancing.

Usage note

Before a contract is signed, an agreement is said to be subject to contract: The property is now sold, subject to contract.

break the rules of a contract: breachThese employees had breached their contract of employment.keep the rules of a contract: honourFailure to honour the contract will result in penalty charges.end a contract: cancel, rescind, terminateThe clause allows the employee to terminate the contract with the employer at any time.

Nouns + under frequently used before contract
liability, obligation, responsibility, rightsA person who is not a party to this agreement has no rights under the contract.
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