contradiction collocations and examples

 UK /ˌkɒntrəˈdɪkʃ(ə)n/

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a difference in two or more statements etc that means that both or all of them cannot be true

Adjectives frequently used with contradiction
existing within something: inherent, inner, internalThe research explored the inherent contradictions of the party’s policy.which cannot be dealt with successfully: insoluble, irreconcilableobvious or major: basic, blatant, complete, direct, fundamental, glaring, obvious, outrightThis was an illustration of the glaring contradiction between the needs of the economy and the suffocating grasp of bureaucratic control.which seems to exist: apparent, seemingWe need to examine how this apparent contradiction can be resolved.
Verbs frequently used with contradiction
deal successfully with a contradiction: avoid, explain, overcome, reconcile, resolve, solveHe explained this apparent contradiction by saying that the situation had now that a contradiction exists: expose, highlight, reveal, sharpenIn the next essay, Dorothy Smith exposes the contradictions between the two points of view.
Verbs that frequently follow contradiction
arise, be, existThere is a fundamental contradiction in this argument.
Nouns frequently used after contradiction in
argument, attitude, evidence, policy, position, statement, system, theoryThere are contradictions in Government policy.

Usage note

If there is a contradiction between things, you can say that one thing is in contradiction to another, or in contradiction with it: This response is in blatant contradiction to the statement issued earlier by the exhibition director.

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