control collocations and examples

 UK /kənˈtrəʊl/

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the power to make decisions; power over something

Adjectives frequently used with control
complete: absolute, complete, direct, effective, full, overall, totalThe government retains full control of the armed forces.types of control: financial, parental, politicalThe Finance Service has overall financial control of the Council.
Verbs frequently used with control
have or keep control: assert, have, keep, maintain, retainPeople want to retain control of their own personal data.

Usage note

When someone has control of something, you can say that it is under someone’s control: The whole organization is now under his control.You can also say that someone is in control or in control of a situation etc: The ruling party was no longer in control of events in the capital.

get control: assume, gain, seize, take, wrestFollowing Marfleet’s death, he assumed control of the business and greatly extended it.get control back: reassert, re-establish, regainThey finally managed to regain control of the islands.make control stronger: strengthen, tightenThey tightened control of labout costs.give someone control: give, handHe handed control of his affairs to his son.use control: exercise, exertTheir voting rights enabled them to exert control over all aspects of the business.lose control: lose, relinquishThe government was forced to relinquish control over these colonies.

Usage note

When someone does not have control of something, you can say that it is beyond or outside someone’s control: The concert was cancelled for reasons that were beyond our control. |Decisions on financial matters are outside my control.When people can control a situation you can say that it is under control. When they cannot, you can say that it is out of control: Nobody wants to see inflation get out of control.


a law limiting something [usually plural]

Adjectives frequently used with control
strict, stringent, tightThere are strict controls on vehicle emissions.
Nouns frequently used before control
arms, export, gun, immigrationPeople are calling for greater gun control.
Verbs frequently used with control
start using controls: enforce, implement, impose, introduceThe council imposed strict planning controls.make controls stricter: strengthen, tightenControls on illegal immigration were strengthened.make controls less strict: relaxThe government relented on proposals to relax controls over advertising.remove controls: removeControls on imports were removed.
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