controversy collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkɒntrəvɜː(r)si/UK /kənˈtrɒvə(r)si/

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a disagreement about a public matter which people have strong feelings about

Adjectives frequently used with controversy
much: considerable, great, muchThe drug has been the topic of much controversy in recent times.involving strong and angry emotions: bitter, fierce, heatedThere was fierce controversy over the verdict.types of controversy: political, religious, scientificHe was at the centre of a religious controversy which was to prove his eventual downfall.
Verbs frequently used with controversy
arouse, attract, cause, court, create, generate, provoke, sparkThe TV drama courted controversy by featuring underage sex.
Verbs that frequently follow controversy
arise, continue, rage, surroundNo evidence has ever been found and controversy has raged ever since.

Usage note

You can talk about the controversy surrounding or concerning something to say what a controversy is about: There was great controversy surrounding the introduction of identity cards.

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