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 UK /kənˈvenʃ(ə)n/

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a way of behaving or doing something that is accepted as normal

Adjectives frequently used with convention
usual: accepted, standard, traditional, usualWe follow standard accounting conventions.types of convention: artistic, linguistic, literary, social, stylistic, theatricalDifferent types of story have different character, plot and stylistic conventions.
Verbs frequently used with convention
follow convention: adhere to, be bound by, conform to, followPeople are given the freedom to be themselves and to take risks rather than just follow convention.not follow convention: defy, floutHer work defies all the traditional artistic conventions.

a formal agreement stating how governments should behave

Adjectives frequently used with convention
internationalRefugees have a right to petition the government under international conventions such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Verbs frequently used with convention
make a convention official: adopt, implement, ratify, signNorth Korea announced it planned to sign several antiterrorism something against a convention: breach, contravene, violateThe recent deportations clearly breach these conventions.follow the rules of a convention: accede to, adhere to, be bound byThe government has agreed to adhere to the convention on chemical weapons.
Verbs that frequently follow convention
apply to, define, establish, govern, guarantee, stipulateThe Dublin convention applies to all EU states.

Usage note

It is common to talk about a convention concerning, governing or relating to a particular issue: They commented on the 1951 convention relating to the status of refugees.

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