council collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkaʊns(ə)l/

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elected officials who govern a local area

Adjectives frequently used with council
borough, city, county, district, local, metropolitan, municipal, parish, regional, townThe houses were built by Surrey county council in the 1920s.
Verbs frequently used with council
advise, apply to, ask, contact, inform, notify, tellPeople who need to use this service can contact the council using an on-line meetThe Council meets weekly except during the summer months.
Verbs that frequently follow council
discuss: consider, discussThe council is considering applications for grants from local organizations.agree: adopt something, agree, approve something, decide, endorse something, support somethingThe council agreed to place her in temporary accommodation.refuse: refuse, rejectThe town council refused his application for planning for: fund, provideWe are not funded by the council and rely entirely on the services of volunteers .
Nouns frequently used after council
provided by the council: estate, house, housingThe government has set minimum standards for the condition of council housing.working for the council: leader, officer, official, spokesman, spokeswomanThe number of people in Leicester renting allotments has increased, according to a city council spokesman.paying money to the council: taxpayer, tenantAs a council tenant, you have the right to have repairs done competently and on taxWe receive more than half of our funding from central government , the rest coming from council tax .election: by-election, electionPublic transport is a major issue in the council elections.

a group elected to make decisions

Adjectives frequently used with council
ruling: executive, governing, rulingThe bishop is the president of the governing council of the church.having a particular role or responsibility: advisory, arts, ecumenical, funding, research, security, skillsThe university attracts sponsorship from research councils, industry, and charities.for young people: school, student, youthMole Valley Youth Voice is a youth council, consisting of young people between ages 11 and 18
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