counselling collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkaʊns(ə)lɪŋ/

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help with personal problems in the form of talking and listening

Adjectives frequently used with counselling
for emotional problems: bereavement, marriage, relationship, stress, traumaAfter Mum died I decided to go for bereavement counselling.for health issues: abortion, genetic, pregnancyWomen with a family history of haemophilia should be referred for genetic counselling.for job or money issues: career, debt, workplaceDebt counselling can help stop you falling further into arrears.for one person/many people: confidential, face-to-face, group, individual, one-to-oneThe charity offers online help, group meetings and one-to-one an expert: professional, specialistSpecialist counselling and practical advice is available from your local Victim Support scheme .
Verbs frequently used with counselling
need or get: be referred for, be sent for, go for, have, need, receive, seekEventually she had to seek professional counselling.give: give someone, offer (someone), provide, refer someone forWe offer counselling and support to parents of children with cancer.
Nouns frequently used after counselling
service, sessionContact the student counselling service for advice.
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