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 UK /kaʊnt/

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the process of counting or the amount of something counted

Adjectives frequently used with count
low/high: high, low, maximum, peakIf your count is low, you are more vulnerable to final, full, last, totalHer analysis puts the total death count in the war at 205,000.
Nouns frequently used before count
in the body, in the air etc: blood, cell, platelet, pollen, spermDuring pregnancy your blood count may have to be monitored.number of people: body, headWhile the class read, I do a quiet head count and tick off names .number of things: calorie, pixel, syllable, vote, wordEssays should be typed and include a word count.
Verbs frequently used with count
carry out a count: carry out, conduct, do, makeWardens on nature reserves conduct regular counts of numbers of seabirds.reduce the count: lower, reduceThere is a theory that mobile phones can lower your sperm count.increase the count: double, increase, raiseThe magazine increased its page count to almost 300 pages.
Verbs that frequently follow count
rise: go up, increase, riseThe unemployment claimant count rose again in November.fall: decrease, drop, fall, go downThe average staff count in French companies dropped by 1.8 a particular amount: be at, reach, stand atThe arrest count stood at 34 last night, most of them drug more/less than a particular amount: exceed, go above, go below, go over, go underI need to adjust my medication if the count goes below 20.
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