cover collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkʌvə(r)/

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to include and deal with something

Adverbs frequently used with cover
adequately, comprehensively, extensively, fully, in depth, in detail, in fullThis is an excellent book, comprehensively covering a wide range of business topics.
Nouns frequently used as the object of cover
subject: aspects, issue, subject, topicThis section of the book covers the topic of deforestation.variety: range, spectrum, varietyThe course covers a range of issues such as population and migration.
Nouns frequently used as the subject of cover
deal with a subject: book, chapter, course, factsheet, module, sectionThe first chapter covers the evolution of the horse.apply in a situation: agreement, exemption, guarantee, legislation, licence, regulations, warrantyThe agency has the power to set regulations covering food safety.
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