crackdown collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkrækˌdaʊn/

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strong action to stop a particular activity

Adjectives frequently used with crackdown
major: major, massive, toughThis led to a massive crackdown by the authorities, with over 600 people being arrested.violent: bloody, brutal, military, violentWhat followed was a brutal crackdown on protests by the ruling or continuing: new, ongoing, recent, renewedThe alcohol sale restrictions are part of a new crackdown on anti-social behaviour.
Nouns frequently used before crackdown
government, policeThe police crackdown on vandalism continues.
Verbs frequently used with crackdown
begin a crackdown: announce, begin, launch, orderRail bosses this week launched a crackdown on fare dodgers.continue a crackdown: continue, intensifyThe regime intensified its crackdown on political dissidents.say you intend a crackdown: pledge, promise, threatenTheir election manifesto promised a crackdown on companies that pollute the environment.
Nouns frequently used after crackdown on
antisocial behaviour, crime, dissent, drugs, fraud, immigrationThe major cleaned up the city in a major crackdown on crime.
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