credit card collocations and examples


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a card for buying things and paying later

Verbs frequently used with credit card
pay by credit card: pay by, put something on, useDo I have to pay by credit card?accept credit cards: accept, takeFew public phones now accept coins, but many take credit cards.
Nouns frequently used after credit card
payment: payment, purchase, transactionNot all agencies will accept credit card payments.bill or debt: balance, bill, debt, statementI paid this month’s credit card bill on Saturday.My credit card debt will be finally paid off in charged for using a credit card: chargesBefore you travel, it’s a good idea to know what your credit card charges are likely to be.details: details, information, numberNext you are asked for your credit card details .company providing credit cards: company, issuer, providerMost credit card companies offer you the option of taking out payment protection.someone who has a credit card: holder, userThey are planning to reduce the credit limit of many credit card holders .
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