criminal collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkrɪmɪn(ə)l/

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someone who has committed a crime

Adjectives frequently used with criminal
committing minor crimes: common, petty, small-time, streetShe was a petty criminal who had no respect for the law.dangerous: dangerous, ruthless, serious, violentTwo-thirds of the convicts were violent criminals.professional: career, habitual, hardened, persistent, professional, prolificWe’re dealing with hardened criminals, not frightened teenagers.famous: notoriousThe murdered man turns out to be a notorious criminal.claimed but not proved: alleged, suspectedThe police operation rounded up 617 alleged criminals.offically accused: indictedTwelve indicted war criminals were sent to The Hague for trial.found guilty: convictedThe convicted criminals could escape the death penalty by volunteering.
Verbs frequently used with criminal
catch a criminal: apprehend, arrest, catchThe three criminals were soon apprehended and subsequently convicted of armed robbery.try to catch criminals: hunt down, pursue, targetThe investigators specifically target criminals who commit vehicle crime.try to prove a criminal is guilty: bring to justice, prosecuteThe government is reformng the laws to bring alleged war criminals to justice.make a criminal less likely to commit a crime: deterCountry people were improving security to deter a criminal to give up crime: reform, rehabilitateShort stays in prison do not rehabilitate criminals.
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