crusade collocations and examples

 UK /kruːˈseɪd/

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an effort to achieve something morally right

Adjectives frequently used with crusade
personal: lone, lonely, one-man, one-woman, own, personalThe detective embarks on a one-man crusade to solve the case.moral/religious: idealistic, moral, religiousThey announced what can only be described as a moral crusade.Many saw the war as a kind of religious crusade against the godless republicans.
Verbs frequently used with crusade
start a crusade: begin, declare, embark on, initiate, launch, lead, start, undertakeWe have launched an unprecedented crusade to eradicate child poverty.The government must lead a crusade for our environment.continue a crusade: conduct, continue, fight, pursue, wageI’ve waged a long crusade for rational, scientific thinking.
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