cry collocations and examples

 UK /kraɪ/

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a loud expression of emotion, pain etc

Adjectives frequently used with cry
loud: full, great, loudI heard a sudden, loud cry of “BELOW!”quiet: faint, little, muffled, stifledShe leaned against a tree with a faint cry of despair.A muffled cry reached me.high and unpleasant: harsh, high-pitched, piercing, sharp, shrillSuddenly a wild, piercing cry sent a feeling of horror through her blood.sad: agonized, anguished, bitter, desparate, mournful, pitiful, plaintiveShe heard the man’s last plaintive cry howling down the wind.happy: excited, glad, triumphantShe gave a glad cry of “Why, it’s Father!”
Verbs frequently used with cry
give: give, let out, utterMaria uttered a small cry of astonishment.try to stop: muffle, stifleHe buried his head in his arm, trying to muffle the cry of pain.
Verbs that frequently follow cry
echo, go up, ringA cry went up that the boat had capsized.
Nouns frequently used after cry of
pain: agony, painWhile they were talking a sudden cry of pain was heard.emotional pain: anguish, despair, distress, grief, horror, terrorWhen Einstein heard the news, he uttered a cry of anguish.anger: indignation, outrage, protest, rage, vengeanceHe goes down with a cry of rage, fingers reaching towards the shadow.surprise: alarm, astonishment, surpriseI gave a cry of surprise.happiness: delight, joyAs she opened the door, she let out a cry of joy.
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