culprit collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkʌlprɪt/

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someone or something that is responsible for something bad or illegal

Adjectives frequently used with culprit
main: biggest, chief, main, major, primary, prime, principal, worstAs far as superbugs in hospitals are concerned, poor hygiene is the biggest culprit.real: real, trueThey then assist Holmes in discovering who the real culprit is.likely or suspected: alleged, likely, possible, suspectedThree persons were identified as the alleged culprits and these were summoned before the Committee.A profile is gradually built up of the likely culprit.
Verbs frequently used with culprit
catch a culprit: apprehend, arrest, bring to justice, bring to trial, capture, catch, find, traceStudying crime reports and identifying patterns helps us catch a culprit: discover, identify, name, reveal, uncover, unmaskBy using the latest scientific techniques they are able to identify the culprit.
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