curb collocations and examples

 UK /kɜː(r)b/

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a control that stops or limits something

Adjectives frequently used with curb
draconian, strict, tight, toughEnvironmentalists are calling for draconian global curbs on greenhouse gas production.
Verbs frequently used with curb
put a curb on something: impose, place, putDuring his chancellorship, he imposed the tightest curbs on public spending since the war.lift or ease a curb on something: ease, lift, relaxThey also called for lifting curbs on for a curb on something: call forCampaigners call for traffic curbs to halt increasing CO2 emissions.
Nouns frequently used after curb on
emissions, exports, freedom, immigration, inflation, liberty, spendingThe government’s plans to introduce new curbs on civil liberties were condemned.
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