curious collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkjʊəriəs/

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wanting to find out about something

Adverbs frequently used with curious
very: endlessly, extremely, genuinely, insatiably, intensely, really, terminally, veryChildren are insatiably curious and may well find medicines which are not in a locked cabinet.slightly: a little, mildly, slightlyClicking this link implies that you are at least mildly curious about me.rather: quite, rather, somewhatI am somewhat curious as to your reasons for telling people about your diagnosis.only: just, merely, plain, simplySome requests are from researchers for media programmes and some are from people who are just plain curious.naturally: naturallyI am a naturally curious person.about academic work: intellectuallyWe are looking for students who are intellectually an unpleasant way: morbidlyOnly the expert, or the morbidly curious, would want to linger in a funeral parlour.
Verbs frequently used with curious
be curious: be, feelI have always felt curious about other countries.become curious: become, getHe ran off when passers-by became curious.
Verbs in the infinitive frequently used after curious
discover, find, find out, hear, know, learn, note, observe, seeI’m curious to know why you left the army.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with curious
adventurous, enthusiastic, inquisitive, intelligent, interested, open-minded, playfulTeachers at the High School aim to create inquisitive, curious young people who will always have that desire to find out more.

unusual and interesting

Adverbs frequently used with curious
very: extremely, really informal, veryHe died in very curious circumstances.rather: quite, rather, somewhatIt’s rather curious, but there isn’t any photograph.slightly: a little, slightlyIt was a slightly curious thing but on the very first day of the new month the weather settled down and we got a week of hotish, dry weather.
Nouns frequently used with curious
event or situation: case, circumstance, coincidence, incident, phenomenonThen again curious coincidences can just happen.fact or feature: fact, feature, thingBut the curious thing I noticed was that about 10 or 15 local lads joined in at the front of the march.result: effectHis singing had a curious effect on me.mixture: blend, combination, mix, mixtureWe’ll be following a bridleway through a curious mixture of pasture, woodland and heath.
Verbs frequently used with curious
be, find something, seemHer choice of words seemed curious.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with curious
amusing, fascinating, interestingIt is extremely curious and amusing to listen to the different interpretations or versions of the same thing.
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