currency collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkʌrənsi/

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the system of money used in a country

Adjectives frequently used with currency
of a foreign country: foreignPurchases and sales of foreign currency were subject to a small tax.of your own country: domestic, home, local, nationalI had taken a supply of local currency with me as I was not sure how frequent the cashpoints would be.used all over the world: common, global, international, majorWhen going abroad, travellers are advised to take travellers’ cheques in a major currency such as Euros, US dollars and Pounds Sterling.that can be exchanged for other currencies: convertible, hard, reserveOne of Africa’s most unique game parks is being put up for sale to Western buyers in order to raise hard currency.used by a number of countries: singleOn 1st January 1999 11 countries joined a European Monetary Union and created a single currency – the Euro.strong: stable, strongThe UAE Dirham is a very stable currency.weak: weak, worthlessWorthless currency now made food shortages commonplace and severe.official: officialThe Euro is now the official currency of 12 EU member states (including Finland).fake: counterfeit, fakeThe change-over will allow people not only to get rid of counterfeit currency, but also to launder cash which has been illegally obtained.
Verbs frequently used with currency
exchange a currency: buy, change, convert, exchange, sellYou should only exchange currency at banks or hotels.use a currency: adopt, useDuring the 1960s the Irish government decided to adopt a decimal currency like many of its European neighbours.accept a currency: acceptUnfortunately, we cannot accept any currency other than sterling.issue a currency: issueIn most countries it is only the Government, through their central banks, who are permitted to issue currency.devalue a currency: debase, devalueChina devalued its currency in 1994.revalue a currency: revalueWill China revalue her currency?keep one currency the same as another: peg, tieMost other East Asian currencies were pegged to the dollar.
Verbs that frequently follow currency
fall in value: collapse, depreciate, devalue, drop, fall, lose valueWhere a currency depreciates, prices to its farmers and consumers should rise.rise in value: appreciate, riseWhen the dollar falls, other currencies rise.change in value: float, fluctuateWith currencies fluctuating continually, major savings can be made by those that get the financial exchange right.
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