current collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkʌrənt/

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a strong movement of water in one direction

Adjectives frequently used with current
strong or fast: fast, fast-flowing, powerful, strong, swift, swirling, turbulentSwim due north for 2–3 minutes if the current isn’t strong.weak: gentle, weakThese small particles of rock would be easily washed away with even the weakest the sea: ocean, oceanicOceanic currents act as a major mechanism for transporting heat.of the tide: tidalA dead body would have turned up by now due to the tidal currents around the islands.
Verbs that frequently follow current
move something: carry something, pull something, sweep something, transport somethingNo place in the world’s seas is immune from pollution, as ocean currents transport pollutants to the far corners of the world.flow: flowThe current was flowing so fast it was impossible to swim against it.
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