curriculum collocations and examples

 UK /kəˈrɪkjʊləm/

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the subjects studied by students at a particular school

Adjectives frequently used with curriculum
covering many subjects: broad, broad-based, broadly based, varied, wideOur broad curriculum covers a wide range of subjects including foreign languages.with a good mix of subjects: balanced, well-balancedAll schools should be funded to allow a broad and balanced curriculum.covering a few subjects: narrowTeaching and learning should be enjoyable, and not hampered by stress, bureaucracy, and narrow curricula .covering too many subjects: crowdedTeachers may ignore this aspect or find themselves struggling to include it in crowded curricula.compulsory: compulsory, prescribed, statutoryStudents follow a compulsory curriculum, which varies according to school type.for a whole country: nationalWe teach all aspects of the national curriculum and enrich this through such things as visits and special projects.basic: basic, coreMusic has become part of the core curriculum.fixed: formal, rigid, structuredThe curriculum should not be too rigid.not fixed: flexibleThe curriculum is sufficiently flexible to give all pupils the opportunity to excel.good: challenging, stimulatingThe school provides a very stimulating curriculum.for all kinds of students: inclusiveAll schools are charged with providing an inclusive curriculum which meets the needs of all pupils.of a particular type: academic, vocationalHow can mathematical content be organized in a vocational curriculum?
Verbs frequently used with curriculum
develop a curriculum: create, design, develop, deviseOur intention is to devise a curriculum that will fit individual children’s needs.improve a curriculum: enhance, enrichThis scheme can really enrich your curriculum.broaden a curriculum: broaden, supplementThey want to broaden the post-16 curriculum.change a curriculum: adapt, adjust, reform, rethink, revisePerhaps we need to rethink our curriculum?deliver a curriculum: deliver, teachWe deliver the curriculum in a variety of teaching and learning styles.use a curriculum: access, followReading skills were identified as crucial to accessing the curriculum.exist in a curriculum: permeate, underpinThe use of ICT permeates the curriculum and is used frequently by staff to engage their pupils.personalize a curriculum: personalize, tailorWe aspire to tailor the curriculum to meet the child’s needs.
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