custom collocations and examples

 UK /ˈkʌstəm/

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a traditional or usual activity

Adjectives frequently used with custom
old: age-old, ancient, immemorial, old, primitive, time-honoured, traditionalThe ancient customs have been completely abandoned.strange or interesting: curious, peculiar, quaint, strangeThese curious old customs still prevail in some parts of western Wales.usual or common: common, established, popular, prevailing, usualIn the early 17th century there was no established custom of using plates, knives and forks as we know a particular area: local, native, rusticWe like staying overnight in village homes, eating local food, and learning the local customs.of a particular type: burial, marriage, religious, social, tribalSocial customs differ greatly from one country, region and city to another.
Verbs frequently used with custom
follow a custom: adopt, conform to, follow, honour, observe, practise, respectWhile in town it is polite to observe local custom by keeping your knees and shoulders covered.revive a custom: reviveThe choir revived the good old custom of going round carol singing.
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