cycle collocations and examples

 UK /ˈsaɪk(ə)l/

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a repeated series of events

Adjectives frequently used with cycle
continuous or repeated: continual, continuous, endless, never-ending, repeatedLearning and teaching is a continuous cycle.taking a year, week etc: annual, monthly, seasonal, weekly, yearlyA yearly cycle is completed between one Christmas and another.normal: natural, normalAny scientist will tell you that the weather is just going through a normal cycle.complete: complete, entire, full, wholeThe work will cover the complete software development cycle from user requirements to implementation and testing.where one bad thing leads to another: viciousRecent research indicates that contact lens wear and dry eyes can be a vicious cycle.where one good thing leads to another: virtuousThere is a virtuous cycle of improvement built on high demand.economic: business, economicIn the previous economic cycle, interest rates remained in double figures for over four years.for creating a baby or living a life: breeding, life, reproductiveOrang-utans have the slowest reproductive cycle of all the great apes with an average of eight years between births.
Verbs frequently used with cycle
complete a cycle: complete, do, follow, go throughThe time it takes a flea to complete this life cycle is extremely variable.repeat or continue a cycle: continue, perpetuate, repeatRepeat the cycle as often as you need to.start a cycle: initiate, startThese recommendations will set the conditions for fast, successful projects and initiate a cycle of ongoing improvement.break a cycle: break, disrupt, end, interrupt, reverse, stopWe need to break the cycle of poor skills and poverty which many families encounter.
Nouns frequently used after cycle of
bad things: addiction, dependency, deprivation, disadvantage, homelessness, poverty, underachievement, violenceTogether we can break the cycle of deprivation.change: change, development, growthSome people felt it was the start of the next big cycle of fashion change.
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