damage collocations and examples

 UK /ˈdæmɪdʒ/

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Adjectives frequently used with damage
a lot: considerable, extensive, great, heavy, much, serious, severe, significant, substantial, untold, widespreadThe allegations caused untold damage to his reputation.slight: little, minimal, minor, slightMinor damage is automatically repaired.permanent: irreparable, irreversible, lasting, long-term, permanentPollution is causing lasting damage to our environment.deliberate: criminal, deliberate, malicious, wilfulReport any incident involving theft, attempted theft or malicious damage to the police.not deliberate: accidentalThe insurance policy did not cover me for accidental damage to my computer.to the brain: brain, neurological, psychologicalExposure to methyl mercury, even in small amounts, can result in devastating neurological damage.to the environment: ecological, environmentalEnvironmental damage is rife as enormous areas of forests are displaced for crops.of a particular type: mechanical, physical, structuralA sealant does not protect the stone from physical damage.
Nouns frequently used before damage
caused by something: bomb, fire, flood, frost, hurricane, smoke, stormThe wall near the main entrance shows clear signs of bomb damage.to part of the body: brain, cartilage, kidney, liver, lung, muscle, nerve, skin, tissueTests can establish the presence and severity of the liver damage.
Verbs frequently used with damage
cause damage: cause, do, inflict, lead to, result inFurther damage was caused by a fire which broke out during the repair work.suffer damage: have, incur, suffer, sustainYvonne sadly suffered brain damage and she subsequently died.repair or undo damage: repair, reverse, undoWhen you are no longer exposed every day to nicotine, your body begins to repair the damage.limit damage: limit, minimize, mitigate, reduceTreatment must be started early after the initial injury, with the aim of minimizing damage to the spinal cord.prevent damage: avoid, guard something against, prevent, protect something against, protect something fromPrevent further damage by making emergency repairs.look at damage: assess, check something for, inspect something for, look at, surveyA mechanic examined the engine and assessed the damage.
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