damaging collocations and examples

 UK /ˈdæmɪdʒɪŋ/

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Adverbs frequently used with damaging
very: deeply, emotionally, enormously, extremely, hugely, immensely, incredibly, particularly, profoundly, seriously, severelyUncertainty would be hugely damaging to economic growth.possibly: possibly, potentiallyA legal case could attract potentially damaging publicity.in a particular way: commercially, ecologically, economically, environmentally, financially, politically, psychologically, sociallyLess environmentally damaging modes of transport should be promoted.
Nouns frequently used with damaging
effect: blow, consequences, effect, impact, impact, repercussions, result, side-effectMany drugs that cause damaging side-effects in people have passed animal tests.things that are said: allegations, criticism, publicityThere were damaging allegations made about how he had poisoned his daughter’s mind with racism.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with damaging
dangerous, degrading, disruptive, divisive, hurtful, inappropriate, intrusive, pointless, unnecessarySecurity incidents can be very disruptive and damaging.
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