damp collocations and examples

 UK /dæmp/

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slightly wet, often in an unpleasant way

Adverbs frequently used with damp
slightly: a little, slightlyWipe any marks or spills with a slightly damp cloth.very: extremely, pretty informal, really, veryIt can get pretty damp and windy here.rather: fairly, quite, rather, somewhatThe marquee was a blessing given the rather damp conditions.always: constantly, permanentlyEverything is permanently damp with condensation, sweat or saltwater.
Nouns frequently used with damp
cloth: cloth, flannel, rag, sponge, tea-towel, towelGive it a quick wipe with a damp cloth.place inside: cellar, homeThe cellars were sometimes damp and occasionally flooded.place outside: grassland, pasture, woodlandMoss can be found growing in damp or wet places such as beside streams or in damp woodlands.ground: grass, ground, sand, soilDon’t hoe when the soil is damp.area: area, patchThere were damp patches on the walls.weather: air, climate, morning, weatherDamp weather can cause havoc with naturally curly or wavy hair.conditions: atmosphere, conditions, environmentA warm and damp environment accelerates chemical action.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with damp
of the weather: chilly, cloudy, cold, cool, dismal, dreary, drizzly, dull, foggy, humid, miserable, misty, overcast, wet, windyAlthough the weather was damp and misty, they had a great race.of a room or building: cramped, dark, draughty, dusty, musty, smellyToo many homes are damp, draughty and hard to heat.of an area of ground: boggy, marshy, shaded, shadyThese plants are best suited to damp corners of the garden.of a substance: dirty, mouldy, softStore hay carefully to stop it becoming damp and mouldy.
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